Implemented Projects

A well for Owa-Alero

Opening the house tap to drink and wash for us has become a mechanical movement to which we don't pay much attention: unfortunately, still in the third millennium, access to safe water sources is not guaranteed at all.
In the village of Owa-Alero (Agbor), located in southern Nigeria, 90% of the population lives without access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. The population queues for hours under the sun to be able to buy drinking water from private wells and who does not have the economic possibility to do it (most of the village) accesses unprotected sources such as pools and marshes.
Failure or limited access to water has a devastating health impact: lack of clean water and of correct health practices causes the spread of diarrhea, cholera, typhus and other infections, which become inexorably lethal if they don't get treated in time.
A child in africa is 520 times more likely to die of diarrhea than a child born in Europe.
Improving access to adequate drinking water and sanitation would reduce drastically diseases and death in poor countries: an availability of clean water decreases the mortality up to 25%, while the toilets would drop it by 32%. With this in mind we have created a well that can be accessed for free 24/7, thanks to a pump working with solar panels equipped with an accumulator. It was necessary to build boundary walls in order to protect the well and guarantee an adequate maintenance over time.
We have been given a land on which in addition to the well we intend to build as soon as possible a medical clinic, to which we will provide emergency medicines and in which we will propose courses of preventive healthcare.
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